Approximately 150 000 NSFAS beneficiaries were unable to get their money back. This occurs subsequent to a purported metamorphosis. Distributors of NSFAS monies who were ineligible were appointed, and Blade Nzimande justified this move by claiming that all legal procedures were followed. Not long after, it was discovered that NSFAS CEO Andile Nongogo had a conflict of interest with one of the designated service providers, leading to his dismissal. Corruption persists within the NSFAS.

While there is load shedding, unemployment, and poverty, the impoverished must be preoccupied with sports. Exams are being written by matriculants in the dark, and NSFAS will not help the less fortunate the following year. Companies are closing, and living expenses are high.

With November allowances still pending, about 100,000 NSFAS-funded students departed. There are several obstacles for the new payment system, including high transaction prices and delays. While NSFAS claims to be working to resolve the problems, students urgently want assistance.

About 100,000 NSFAS-funded students left while their November allowances were still pending. The new payment method has a number of challenges, including expensive transaction fees and lengthy processing times. Students desperately need help, even if NSFAS says it’s trying to find solutions

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Dr Blade Nzimande briefs the media on the latest developments of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)


What is NSFAS?

NSFAS, or the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, is an agency of the South African government under the Department of Higher Education and Training. It was created in accordance with the NSFAS Act (Act 56 of 1999) with the purpose of offering financial assistance to disadvantaged students who are looking to pursue higher education at public universities or TVET colleges.

What does the bursary cover?

The amounts listed for housing, stipend, transportation, and educational materials must match the most recent approved DHET requirements.


  • Make accommodations
  • according to the actual fees that the institution charges (the cost of private housing cannot be more than the cost of on-campus housing).
  • Transportation (from the institution up to 40 kilometers) R7 500 annually
  • Monthly living allowance of R15, 000
  • Book discounts R5200 annually
  • Annual incidental/personal care stipend of R2,900 for students living in catered housing


  • Accommodations in a city R24,000 a year
  • Per diem lodging in a peri-urban area: R18,900
  • Monthly rent for lodging in a remote area: R15,750
  • Transportation (to and from the institution) R7,350 annually
  • Transport R7,000 annually
  • Annual incidental/personal care allowance of R2,900

Who qualifies for NSFAS funding?

  • Each and every citizen of SA
  • Funding is available to all winners of SASSA grants.
  • candidates whose annual household income combined is not greater than R350 000
  • Individual with impairment: The annual combined income of the household cannot exceed R600,000.
  • Students who started studying before 2018 whose home income is not higher than R122 000 per annum.

Who can appeal?

If a student’s request for financial assistance is denied or their ongoing financial aid is revoked, they have the right to file an appeal with the NSFAS.

“The availability of funds will determine the outcome of appeal decisions. Appeals will only be taken into consideration for students who have applied for Financial Aid through NSFAS.”

Who cannot appeal?

Appeals are not permitted for students who:

  • Are enrolled in a qualification that is not funded by NSFAS;
  • Have exceeded N+2 (or N+3 for students with disabilities) in their academic progress;
  • Are taking a gap year and were previously denied financial aid by NSFAS due to not meeting academic eligibility requirements;
  • Their institution has not submitted their registration information to NSFAS or has provided incorrect data. Such inquiries should be directed to the institution.


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